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          Storewide Savings!

          * Free shipping on US orders over $130.


          We are the worlds largest source for Footbags (Hacky Sacks), Tricks Videos, Shoes, News and How-To Information. World Footbag features the planet’s largest selection of footbags (Hacky Sacks) including our best selling line of SandMasters and Dirtbags. Our online catalog also offers a large assortment of footbag videos, and popular items such as the game’s shoe of choice, Adidas Rod Laver and a wide assortment of Brooks running shoes. We also offer unique kicking products like Sepak Takraw balls, Peteca Volleybirds, and Shuttlecocks. Check out our other specialty sports items like diabolos, flying discs (Frisbees), myachi’s and a plete line of juggling equipment.

          We do sell footbags wholesale to stores. For more information about wholesale orders please call us at 800-878-8797.

          As you’ll soon see or already know, World Footbag serves many functions for the wonderful sport of footbag and its widespread player population. Have a look around and let us know if you have any questions or ments. For future reference, we’re constantly refreshing this site with the latest footbag news, events, and product specials, so don’t be a stranger.


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